Ceiling over underground car park exit in Nördlingen
Reinforced concrete lightweight slab, underground car park, Nördlinge, ITE
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Ceiling over underground car park exit in Nördlingen

Reinforced concrete lightweight slab

In June 2021, the Institute for Structural Design - ITE of Graz University of Technology was commissioned to develop a 167 m² weight-reduced reinforced concrete ceiling over an underground car park entrance in Nördlingen, Germany, and to implement it with the companies Eigner Bau and Baumit. The aim was to design a ceiling construction with a significant CO2 reduction that meets both aesthetic demands and the practical construction requirements on site.
Using the 3D printing technology of Baumit, a single-axis spanned ceiling with cantilever was designed at ITE. The corresponding print strategy for 3D printing was developed at the institute and implemented by Eigner Bau. A total of 168 concrete segments were produced and joined on site to form 48 elongated recess bodies with a length of 2.10m to 6.40m.
In order to test the load-bearing capacity and serviceability of the design, a ceiling section was prototypically implemented and subjected to a bending test at the LKI of the TU Graz.
The formwork and reinforcement planning was provided by Engelsmann Peters and was optimised on the basis of experience from previous projects, and the execution was supervised by ITE on site. Due to the measures taken and the use of a cement-reduced concrete formulation for the fresh concrete, the CO2 equivalent was reduced by a total of 47% compared to the original planning.


Our service

LP 4-5

Project team

TUGraz - Institute for Structural Design:
Georg Hansemann, Robert Schmid, Christoph Holzinger, Stefan Peters, Alexander Dumps;
Baumit GmbH
Eigner Construction Company GmbH
Märker Ready-Mixed Concrete

Planning and construction

June 2021 - February 2022


Studio Herzig / EIGNER Bauunternehmung GmbH
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