plastic folded-plate pavilion
structural engineering, structural design
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plastic folded-plate pavilion

Stuttgart 2008

The plastic folding system is a prototype for the use of cost-effective panel-shaped semi-finished products for self-supporting building envelopes. The plastic pavilion has a rhombic fold and consists of eight identical sub-segments, which are arranged rotationally symmetrically around a vertical axis through the centre of the pavilion. The individual surfaces of the segments were glued together non-detachably, while the connection of the segments to each other was designed to be detachable to simplify transport. Translucent polycarbonate sandwich panels were used, the core of which is drawn using a special process. In terms of structural design, the plastic cover is a folded structure. For the detachable connections, a new type of joining technology was individually developed with the aid of adhesive fasteners. The entire supporting structure is made exclusively of plastic. Only the base points on which the segments are supported are made of stainless steel.

The translucent all-plastic construction was selected by ThyssenKrupp AG as a contribution to the 2008 Ideas Park in Stuttgart.


State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart

Our service

Structural design LP 1-6


State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart: Stephan Engelsmann, Valerie Spalding, Gerlind Baloghy, Melanie Fischer


Workshops of the architecture department, students of the class for structural design


ThyssenKrupp AG, Design Composite GmbH, Stuttgart Student Union

Planning and construction


Specials, roofs, facades, plastic