Bauhof Hardthausen
structural engineering, structural design
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Bauhof Hardthausen

Hardthausen on the stove

The former wine press house from the 1940s is a testimony to village tradition and characterises the townscape of Hardthausen. Although the conversion required major interventions in the substance, the original character of the building was to be largely retained. In the course of the conversion, the building was upgraded, the ground floor and upper floor were rebuilt and modernised.

The building has a basement in parts. The ceiling above ground floor consists of a ribbed reinforced concrete ceiling. The reconstruction of the basement included the demolition of the basement ceiling, the filling of the basement rooms and the installation of a new floor slab at a lower level than the existing ceiling. The most extensive construction measures took place on the ground floor: Here, larger gate openings were arranged in the outer walls for the operating vehicles, which required the construction of interceptor beams, supports and foundations. In the interior, various load-bearing and non-load-bearing interior walls were demolished and new walls were concreted or bricked up to adapt the floor plan to current needs. In addition, a platform in steel construction and an additional steel staircase connected to it will be installed. On the upper floor, individual partition walls were removed and additional interception beams were installed. The long dormers on the east and west sides were partially demolished and the roof was fitted with new rafters in these areas.



Community Hardthausen am Kocher

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